Simplex PCR assays with diagnostic band sizes for all Verticillum species

Shown are gels of species-specific PCR reactions from Inderbitzin et al. (2013) Diagnostic band sizes are: V. albo-atrum: 725 bp; V. alfalfae: 1060 bp; V. dahliae including V. longisporum lineage A1/D3: 490 bp; V. isaacii: 195 bp; V. klebahnii: 230 bp; V. nonalfalfae: 1310 bp; V. nubilum: 1150 bp; V. tricorpus: 415 bp; V. zaregamsianum: 360 bp; Species A1: 310 bp; Species D1: 1020 bp. For primers, PCR recipes and primer sequences, see Table 4 and Table S3 in Inderbitzin et al. (2013).